Isa Rodrigues

Isa Rodrigues "Waves III"

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Waves III, 2018

Handmade triple woven tapestry with a beautiful palette of ivory and multiple shades of blue ranging from light slate blue to a deeper dark blue. This piece is displayed vertically with an ombre effect from the darkest blue at the top to the ivory at the bottom. This piece has a lightness to it with the weave structure being loose and free.  

Each of the fiber groupings has its own distinct presence which is emphasized by their different tones. Both chaotic and coordinated each has its own place like sections of a wave crashing over itself.

Via the artist:

"Waves III is part of a series of weaving sketches inspired by my ongoing research on waves, and the physics and emotions contained in them. I used a triple weave structure, which allowed me to weave and interlace three different layers, embedding this idea of wave in the fabric itself."

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Artist: Isa Rodrigues

Size: 14" x 10"

Age: Contemporary, 2018

Country of Origin: Brooklyn, NY

Medium: Triple Woven

Material: Bamboo and Linen

Condition: Excellent