Vintage Lakai Ilgich - 2'5 x 2'3

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The small Ilgich was embroidered by the Lakai people in Northern Afghanistan during the 20th century.

Ilgich are small square embroideries created by Lakai & Kungrat girls to showcase their artistic talents. Traditionally part of a dowry is to be displayed prominently in the home. It features circles and vegetal shapes in vibrant tones of yellow, orange, green, bright white, and two shades of purple. The bright tones pop against the black ground and are accentuated by corresponding color blocks of fringe along the whole perimeter. 

In very good condition. Some light staining on the back.  

Size: 2'5" x 2'3" [75cm x 69cm]

Age: Vintage 

Origin: Northern Afghanistan

Type of Textile: Lakai Ilgich

Material: Cotton and Silk

Condition: Very good, some staining on the back 




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