Kurdish runner handwoven in Northwest Iran during early 20th century. Large Kurdish rosettes flanked by serrated leaves in white, orange, blue, and green. Two small horses woven near the center.

Antique Camel Kurdish Runner - 2'10 x 9'5

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This Kurdish runner was woven during the early 20th century.

The field of the rug is woven utilizing camel hair, which is a particularly warm and inviting shade of brown. The design is large-scale and geometric. It is composed of classic large Kurdish rosettes flanked by serrated leaves woven in white, orange, blue, and green.Two simple small horses are woven near the center on the rug. The green grounded main border continues with a variation on the field motif.

In very good condition, wear consistent with age. Handle is loose, pile is low and densely woven. Great size with a rare and desirable color combination and materiality.


Size: 2'10" x 9'5"

Age: Q1 20th Century (1900-1925)

Type of Rug: Kurdish

Material: Wool & Camel Hair Pile on a Wool Foundation 

Pile Height: Low

Condition: Very Good 




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