Palace sized mansion lavar kerman

Massive Laver Kerman - 14'1 x 15'3

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This Lavar Kerman rug was handwoven during the mid to late 19th century.

It is both woven in a hard-to-find size which is both square and quite palatial.  This intricate rug features a central medallion with a curvilinear floral design and scalloped cornices. The cornices are distinct but have a continuous feel with the large and magnificent medallion with only a small portion of the pattern reserved for the rest of the field. This thin section does not disappoint with a variety of lively blossoming rosettes on a cream backdrop that ties in a cream main border of meandering palmettes. Patinated tones of navy, icy teal, rich insect-derived raspberry, and a highly prized orange round out the well-layered palette. 

In good condition, for its significant age. Very finely woven with a thin, floppy handle.  It has had various repairs over its long life. They have been completed with the proper fineness but some tones in the repairs have patinated differently than the original (as pictured).

Size: 14'1" x 15'3" [429cm x 465cm]

Age:  Mid to late 19th Century

Type of Rug: Laver Kerman

Material: Wool with a cotton foundation

Pile Height: Low

Condition: Good with various repairs 




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