Mid 19th Century Turkish Mejid Rug - 3'4 x 5'11

Mid 19th Century Turkish Mejid Rug - 3'4 x 5'11

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This Mejid rug was handwoven Kirsehir Turkey during the middle of the 19th Century.

Mejid rugs were created for a short period in the mid-1800s during the reign of Sultan Abdul-Mejid. Abdul-Mejid was a noted francophile, and these rugs were an attempt by weavers and entrepreneurs to reflect that.

Mejid rugs were woven in bright pastel colors and featured designs composed of sparse, natural-looking flowers and rococo swirls. This style was a big departure from Turkey's design tradition of geometric shapes and bold colors. 

This particular rug features a raspberry pink field, with an icy blue, soft yellow, and camel brown details and accents. The design is directional, composed of a prayer niche and hanging lamp in the center. 

In fair but worn condition for considerable age. There are areas where the pile has worn down to the foundation, and there is a hole in the center (all pictured). Outside of a professional cleaning the rug is in as discovered condition. Low pile, with a light handle.


Size: 3'4" x 5'11" [102 cm x 180 cm]

Age: Mid 19th Century

Country of Origin: Turkey

Type of Rug: Mejid

Material: Wool

Pile Height: Low

Condition: Worn




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