Needlepoint Tapestry with Aztek Gods

Viracocho Needlepoint Tapestry - 3'8 x 7'3

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This needlepoint tapestry was handwoven during the 20th century. 

It showcases the mirror image of Viracocho in orange, pink, ivory, and blue on a dark brown field. Viracocho was the Andean creator god who under the Incas came to be the most important deity and adorns both ruins and artwork from the period. The practice of utilizing his likeness continues to this day most prominently in Peru.

This piece was discovered in the Paris flea market in the late 1990s by the former owner. It may be Peruvian but the origin is uncertain as this type of construction and design may have been purchased in a weaving kit by its maker and produced anywhere in the world. 


Size: 3'8" x 7'3" [114cm x 221cm]

Age: Vintage

Country of Origin: Unknown

Type of Rug: Needlepoint Tapestry

Material: Wool on a cotton base

Pile Height: n/a

Condition: Very Good




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