NW Persian Mid Century Kelleghi Wide Runner Kilim

Mid Century Pashtun Kilim - 4'1 x 11'2

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This wide Muqur kilim was woven by Pashtun people in Afghanistan during the middle of the twentieth century.

It features a graphic geometric design with an undulating trellis edge within a border of diamond-filled blocks. A color palette of reds, blues, greens, orange, and white is well balanced. The bottom edge features some faded red abrash adding a unique touch and extra personality. 

In very good condition, flatwoven but dense with some weight giving it extra durability for a kilim.

Size: 4'1" x 11'2" [1.2m x 3.4m]

Age: Mid Century

Country of Origin: Afghanistan

Type of Rug: Muqur Kilim  

Material: Wool

Pile Height: Flatwoven

Condition: Very good