Pull of the Thread ~ Textile Travels of a Generation By Sheila Fruman

Pull of the Thread ~ Textile Travels of a Generation By Sheila Fruman

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Pull of the Thread ~ Textile Travels of a Generation By Sheila Fruman

    Sheila Fruman, fascinated by the textiles and handmade carpets she saw when she traveled overland in 1969 from Turkey to India, tells the stories of nine intrepid adventurers who have combed the streets and bazaars of Central and South Asia finding, researching, collecting, and selling antique Kashmir shawls, embroidered Uzbek textiles and robes, Anatolian kilims, Turkmen carpets and many other textile treasures to interested Westerners.

    These stories capture the post-World War II era's free spirit that briefly coincided with economic prosperity and open borders. With over 200 color illustrations, the book shows how the indigenous designs and motifs popularized in the US and Europe by these textile travelers can now be found in anything from haute couture to high-end interior design to mass-marketed bedding, tableware, and clothing.

    The dealers and collectors who have spent their lives seeking these complex pieces of the past have intriguing stories to tell and collections of some of the finest textiles of their kind in the world. Taken together, their stories are an enlightening guide to understanding how we connect to the past, and how textiles connect the world.

    From the Publisher:

    • Untold stories of textile travelers
    • Color photos of rare antique textiles and stunning interiors
    • Featuring previously unpublished photographs from the 1970s of streets and bazaars in Central and South Asia
    • A must-have for textile lovers and interior and fashion designers


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