Stroking Valve - Sophia DeJesus-Sabella

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stroking valve, 2022

The DIY Erotica Series features woven tapestries of illustrations from a 1977 Good Housekeeping " Fix it Yourself" manual. This series exemplifies both the artists sense of humor and sincere appreciation for labor and work.

Sophia DeJesus-Sabella (b. 1997) is an artist, weaver, and educator based in Hartford, Connecticut. Her woven and sculptural works interrogate class, gender, queerness, and utility by combining traditional craft with found construction materials.

Artist: Sophia DeJesus-Sabella

Size: 4" x 6" (12" x 12” stretched) [10cm x 15cm, 31cm x 31cm stretched]

Age: Contemporary

Place of Origin: Hartford, CT

Type of Textile: Handwoven

Material: Cotton and wool