Silk Hungarian Matyo Textile - 2'10 x 2'10

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This Matyo textile was hand-embroidered during the second quarter of the 20th century in Hungary.  Matyo embroidery is a traditional Hungarian folk art that usually features vibrantly colored floral designs in a satin stitch. This particular piece was likely used as an ornamental table cover. It is well executed with bright silks in orange, pink, red, yellow, and a variety of purples. A lone blue flower adds charm and personality to the piece. A delicate fringe completes the effect, although some fringe is missing in parts (pictured). Feels very soft to the touch, the level of wear is consistent with use and age.


Size: 2'10" x 2'10"

Age: 1925-1950

Country of Origin: Hungary

Type of Textile: Matyo

Material: 100% Silk

Pile Height: N/A

Condition: Very good; Some fringe missing