Red striped silk Uzbeki Overcoat

Silk Turkmen Overcoat

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A hand sewn vintage silk chapan or overcoat from the Turkmen of Northern Afghanistan. 

A chapan which means "sewn together" in Turkic is an overcoat that is adorned with detailed threading come in a variety of colors and patterns. It is traditionally worn throughout Central Asia.

This lovely chapan is crafted from crimson striped silk. It is embellished with fine black, white, and yellow embroidery around its permitter and up the sides. A turquoise liner adds another element of interest. Sam who is 5'2 was gracious enough to model it for us. 


Size: 12.5" shoulder to shoulder [32cm], 3'6" long [107cm]

Age: Vintage

Country of Origin: Afghanistan 

Type of Textile: Chapan (Overcoat)

Material: Outer: Silk; Details: Cotton; Lining: Synthetic Mesh

Condition: Good




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