Antique Navajo Eye Dazzler ID Kilim Flatwoven blanket that is quite torn on the border areas, bright and colorful with some staining as well

SW American Navajo - 3'1 x 4'10

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Antique Navajo rug, handwoven in the SW USA, during the first quarter of the 20th century.

This beautiful "eye dazzler" features a palette of red, white, black, and grey with an uncommon blue. The edges of the field pattern are accentuated by a thin outline of red and orange. The letters "ID" are written in the middle and maybe an errant attempt at referencing Eye Dazzler. The whole is framed by a border of blue and gray whirling log motifs. The whirling log or swastika represents healing, protection, and well-being and its usage predates the Nazi corruption of the ancient symbol.

In very worn condition along the borders with the center intact. Flatwoven, with a light handle. 


Size: 3'1" x 4'10" [94cm x 147cm]

Age: Q1 20th Century (1900-1925)

Country of Origin: SW USA

Type of Rug: Navajo

Material: Wool

Pile Height: Flatwoven

Condition: Quite Torn



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