Syrian horse-trapping woven in red and gold metallic thread, in fair condition, with some wear throughout

Vintage Syrian Horse Trapping - 3'9 x 4'3

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Vintage horse-trapping handwoven most likely in Syria. 

This horse-trapping features a simple and sparse geometric design often found in Syrian textiles. Syria was part of the Ottoman Empire until the turn of the 20th century, and Syrian textiles have much in common with Ottoman textiles. 

This particular piece is woven in red wool and gold metallic thread, with fringe on all sides. Details are woven in blues, hot pinks, and taupe. 

In fair condition, with some wear throughout in the form of hole and rips along certain areas. Flatwoven, with a tight weave an airy handle made sturdier by the metal thread. 


Size: 3'9" x 4'3"

Age: Mid 20th Century

Country of Origin: Syria

Type of Textile: Horse Trapping

Material: Wool and metal thread

Pile Height: Flatwoven

Condition: Good




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