Guna Mola Cloth - 1'1 x 1'4

Guna Mola Cloth - 1'1 x 1'4

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Vintage Mola cloth handmade by the Guna (previously spelled Kuna) people of Panama.

Mola is a reverse appliqué technique, similar to the technique used in quilting, but using multiple layers of different-colored cloth that are first sewn together before a design is created by cutting away different layers. This Mola features vibrant tones of burgundy, green, orange, and white. A graphic medallion features intersecting latch-hooked motifs. The highly contrasting colors add interest and excitement to the piece. 

The fabric is in excellent condition.  


Size: 1'1" x 1'4" [33cm x 41cm]

Age: Vintage

Country of Origin: Panama

Type of Textile: Guna Mola Appliqué

Material: Cotton

Condition: Excellent




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