Jessica Vitucci

Jessica Vitucci "Vanessa"

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Hand-embroidered portrait created by using a base of oil paint on cotton fabric with a mix of wool, cotton, and silk thread embroidered on top. 

A woman with long flowing hair lays down with her hand above her head. The face and upper body are created solely out of oil paint while the hair is embroidered in sections of differing stitching styles. The overall composition of the hair lends itself to a landscape with a sun, rolling hills, and flowers throughout. Colors that can be found in the hair are yellow, pastel shades of pink, purple, and orange, as well as a saturated forest green. The background is comprised of an abstract stitching style made of neutral tones.  

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Artist: Jessica Vitucci

Size: 30" x 40" 

Age: Contemporary, 2019

Country of Origin: Brooklyn, New York

Medium: Hand Embroidery

Material: Oil and Cotton, Wool and Silk thread on Cotton Fabric 

Condition: Excellent