Textile crafted on a backstrap loom near Nahuala, Guatemala during 20th century. Called a tzute meaning a multifunctional cloth used to wrap or carry things on a person's head. Interesting design of shapes, animals and figures.

Vintage Guatemalan Textile - 2'8 x 3

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This textile was crafted on a backstrap loom near Nahuala, Guatemala during the 20th century. Called a tzute, a Mayan word generally used for a type of multifunctional cloth that can be used among other things, to wrap or carry things on a person's head. The design of a tzute is specific to this certain village. This tzute features an design of interesting shapes, animals, and figures. 

In very good condition, signs of wear consistent with age. 


Size: 2'8" x 3'

Age: Vintage

Country of Origin: Guatemala

Type of Textile: Tzute

Material: Wool with Cotton Embroidery

Pile Height: n/a

Condition: Excellent