Baluch Khorjin Saddlebag - 1’ x 2’

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This double saddlebag or "Khorjin" was woven by the Baluch during the second quarter of the 20th century.

The bag face is pile woven with a flat-woven back. Each side features a stepped polygon central motif contained in a camel square surrounded by dark red and blue borders. Both have slit top enclosures in red, brown, and blue decorated with white weft-floated rosettes and separated from the pile weave with a soumak woven band of bright polychrome rosettes. One side features a blue ground polygon and the other a ground one and they are connected by a red and brown striped kilim.

In very good condition, some fraying on the edges.


Size: 1’ x 2’ [30.48cm x 60.96cm]

Age: Q2 20th Century (1925-1950)

Type of Rug: Baluch Khorjin

Material: Wool and silk 

Pile Height: Medium 

Condition: Very good. Some fraying on the edges 




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