Qashqa'i Darrehshuri Bagface - 2'2 x 3'6

Qashqa'i Darrehshuri Bagface - 2'2 x 3'6

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This Qashqa'i bag was handwoven by Darrehsuri during the second quarter of the 20th century. 

It features a large latch-hooked diamond filled with abstracted rosettes. The drawing appears rather spontaneous in many places relying on emotion rather than precision which greatly enhances its charm. The main medallion is incomplete as are the two large rosettes flanking the bottom while the two simple ibex that flank the top are complete. The scrolling vine work border is well executed on the sides but transforms into different motifs on the top and bottom. The spectacular original kilim backing is intact and displays a good skill for flatwoven weft float yet still is possessed with some wild movement which maintains the bag's eccentric personality. 

The Darrehshuri are a subgroup of the Qashqa'i and one of their signatures is the weaving technique utilized in kilim backing seen here.

In very good condition with some fraying along the edges. Dense silky wool with a loose floppy handle.


Size: 2'2" x 3'6" [66cm x 107cm]

Age: Q1 20th Century (1900-1925)

Type of Rug: Saddlebag

Material: Wool 

Pile Height: Medium

Condition: Very Good, with some fraying along the edges




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