Antique Persian Afshar Bagface featuring floral booths and a dinosaur border

Antique Afshar Bagface - 2'6 x 3'

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This collectible bagface was woven by the Afshar in Southern Iran during the late 19th Century.

It features a field of scrolling vines topped with blossoming botehs in red, stark white, blue, green and a desirable soft burnt orange on a navy ground. It is surrounded by a dinosaur-like primitive bird inner boteh, serrated leaf and rosette outer border which features an exceptional blue. It features the original slit tapestry enclosure that makes use of all the natural dyes in the main weaving for a contrasting zigzag effect.

It good condition with silky wool and a floppy handle. Some wear to the face and visilbe damage to the enclosure which are often removed completely in similar pieces of this age.  Would make a great wall piece!

Size: 2'6" x 3' [76cm x 91cm]

Age: 1875 - 1900

Country of Origin: S Iran 

Type of Rug: Afshar Bagface

Material: Wool on Wool pile

Pile Height: Low

Condition: Good with visible damage on top




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