Antique wool Navajo Rug with bold diamond design in natural wool, red, black and gold

Navajo Rug - 2'5 x 3'9

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Antique Navajo rug, handwoven in the Southwest US, during the second quarter of the 20th century.

This classic rug features red and white diamonds intersected by brown hourglass shapes reminiscent of the butterfly joints uses in woodworking, on an undyed gray field. The gray backdrop is created by mixing different strands of undyed wool. The design is framed by a reciprocating "sawtooth" border in black and white. Would make a beautiful wall hanging.

In very good condition, the aniline red has run in some areas, as pictured. Flatwoven, with a light handle.

Size: 2'5" x 3'9" [74cm x 114cm]

Age: Q2 20th Century (1925 - 1950)

Country of Origin: SW USA

Type of Rug: Navajo

Material: Wool

Pile Height: Flatwoven

Condition: Good




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