Antique Indonesian Handwoven Ikat textile woven in two strips and sewn together.  It features god like tattoo'd creatures filling up both panels

Faded Sumbanese Ikat - 3' x 8'8

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Hinggi Kombu Ikat from East Sumba, Indonesia, handwoven during the 20th century. 

The very interesting design is constructed in two panels, each with the same motif. Each design features one large person with another person inside among other symbols including lizards, horses and dragons. Atop the head is a hat of skulls with surrounding birds. The hands feature marks similar to stigmata and a crocodile sits atop each shoulder. Prominent near the legs is a large lobster and smaller monkeys.

In good condition, with color fading and one hole in the top left corner. Finely woven, this textile has a light and airy handle.


Size: 3' x 8'8" [91cm x 267cm]

Age: Mid Century

Country of Origin: East Sumba, Indonesia

Type of Textile: Ikat

Material: Cotton

Pile Height: Flatwoven

Condition: Faded with a hole in the top right corner and a couple holes throughout.




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