Double saddlebag or

Antique Turkmen Saddlebag - 1'8 x 3'2

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This double saddlebag or "Khorjin" was woven by Turkmen during first quarter of the 20th century.

The bag face is low and dense pile, with a flatwoven plain weave back. Braided loops at the tops of both bag faces act as closures. The design of the bag faces is classic Turkmen-style, featuring four guls in the center, with multiple borders of varying widths and the traditional skirt borders found in Turkmen weavings. The color palette is minimal, with reds, browns, blues, and yellows/ivories. 

In excellent condition, signs of wear consistent with age. 


Size: 1'8" x 3'2"

Age: Q1 20th century (1900-1925)

Country of Origin: Afghanistan

Type of Rug: Turkmen Saddlebag

Material: Wool Pile on a Wool Foundation

Pile Height: short pile; flatweave

Condition: Very good



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