Vintage Pink Overdye Chinese Art Deco Boat Rug

Deco Overdye Rug - 2' x 3'

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This Art Deco rug was handwoven in Tientsin, China during the second quarter of the 20th century.

This monochromatic overdyed Deco rug features a bright magenta field. The original design of a clipper ship over a lively batch of water is still visible under the dye.

In good condition. Pile is medium height, soft and plush, with a dense and heavy handle. 


Size: 2' x 3' [61cm x 91cm]

Age: Q2 20th Century (1925-1950)

Country of Origin: China

Type of Rug: Overdyed Deco

Material: Wool with a cotton foundation

Pile Height: Medium & Dense

Condition: Good




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