Vintage Pictoral Gabbeh Rug featuring man, woman and two horses

Vintage Pictoral Gabbeh Rug - 3'6 x 7'2

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This handwoven Gabbeh was woven during the 21st century.

It features two Qash'qai nomads in traditional 20th century clothing along with their horses on a burgundy field. The man wears a hat and holds a rifle and the woman wears a headscarf. Two birds can be found on the left-hand side which likely have been used to indicate the man and woman are a couple. The whole is framed by a polychrome border of c scrolls. The pile is densely woven, making this a plush rug.

The condition is excellent, with no signs of wear.


Size: 3'6" x 7'2" [1.1m x 2.2m]

Age: Vintage

Type of Rug: Gabbeh

Material: Wool pile on Wool Foundation

Pile Height: Medium

Condition: Excellent




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