Square Turkish prayer rug with bright red field and three columns design in good condition

Vintage Karaman Prayer Rug - 4'2 x 4'7

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Karaman prayer rug handwoven during the second quarter of the 20th century. 

This prayer rug is composed of a bright red field with purple abrash and three columns containing floral motifs climbing towards the top of the rug. The floral motif of the central column could be interpreted as a hyacinth, which was a motif favored by Ottoman courts and later adopted in village rugs. This is chiefly a Turkish motif, and signifies regeneration and fertility. The other two columns contain carnation blossoms, another motif commonly found in Turkish rugs. Carnations represent wisdom and happiness, and symbolize peace and the garden of Paradise. As a motif is often woven by new brides to express love and loyalty.  The mihrab or directional niche represents the gateway to Paradise, with its upward reach suggesting the progress of worshipper towards illumination. 

At the top of the rug we find two eight pointed stars (although the eight points don't all come to fruition). The weaver tried to weave eight points but only managed six, plus two little bulges for the seventh and eight points, which is an interesting weaving idiosyncracy. The eight pointed star is an ancient symbol of spirituality, in keeping with the spiritual elements of this rug.

The borders are composed of very geometric tulip motifs, which contrast with the sparser field of the rug. 

The color palette is composed of bright red, gold and camel tones, creams and ivories, and browns, while black outlines the shapes, with a dash of orange for fun.

In good condition, signs of wear consistent with age. Short wool pile, with a soft handle. 

Size: 4'2" x 4'7"

Age: 1925-1950

Country of Origin: Turkey

Type of Rug: Prayer

Material: 100% Wool

Pile Height: Low

Condition: Very Good




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