Turkmen double saddlebag or

Mid Century Turkmen Saddlebag - 2' x 3'8

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This Turkmen double saddlebag or "Khorjin" was woven by Turkmen in Central Asia during the middle of the 20th century.

The bag face is pile, with a flatwoven back, with a rosette design in soumak between the bag-faces. The closures are composed of braided loops at the tops the bag-faces. The design is made up of four large guls in the center, framed by a thin border. Limited color palette of reds, browns, and yellows.

In very good condition, signs of wear consistent with age. 


Size:  2' x 3'8" [61cm x 112cm]

Age: Mid Century

Country of Origin: C Asia

Type of Rug: Turkmen Saddlebag

Material: Wool

Pile Height: short pile; flatweave

Condition: Very good




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