hinggi kombdu ikat textile from east sumab indonesia with mirrored-design in blue and red. in excellent  condition

East Sumbanese Hinggi Kombu Ikat Textile - 2' x 7'5

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Hinggi Kombu Ikat from East Sumba, Indonesia, handwoven during the beginning of the 20th century. 

A hinggi is a man's ceremonial mantle; this particular type is named hinggi kombu after the dye-stuff used to make the red dye, and is uniquely woven on the island of East Sumba. The blue is derived from indigo, and the red from the mengkudu root. 

The design is a mirror image of itself, which can be read in both directions and from side to side. The central geometric motif is named habak, a common centre motif for ikats, and was once a symbol of royalty. The other figures are animals like horses and cockatoos, both commonly found animals in Sumbanese weaving.  

In excellent condition, with no signs of wear. Very finely woven, this textile has a light and airy handle showcasing the incredible skill and expertise of the weaver. 


Size: 2' x 7'5" [61cm x 226cm]

Age: Q2 20th Century (1925-1950)

Country of Origin: East Sumba, Indonesia

Type of Textile: Ikat

Material: Cotton

Pile Height: Flatwoven

Condition: Excellent




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