Gujarti Turban, long resist-dyed tie-dyed cotton cloth in burnt umber orange yellow white

TX269 - Antique Gujarati Turban - 5" x 23'3

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Antique tie dyed Turban handmade in the Kutch district of Gujarat, India during the first quarter of the 20th century. 

This turban is made of muslin cloth which is first hand woven in Southern India before being resist dyed by the local Khatri muslim community of Kutch. It was ultimately meant to be worn by either the Lohana or Bhatiya trader community in Kutch. This turban features interlaced diamonds with rosette centere on a red backdrop. The patterning has been rendered dot by dot.

A Turban is representative of a man's honor, his pride, dignity and self-respect.



Size: 5" x 23' 3" [ 15cm x 7m ]

Age: 1925 - 1950

Country of Origin: Gujarat, India

Type of Textile: Turban

Material: Cotton

Pile Height: n/a

Condition: Excellent




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