Mid century Turkmen Asmalyk trapping shaped with pointed bottom featuring soft aubergine and brighter peach tones, with blues and reds adding depth to the color palette. The design is composed of concentric serrated lozenges arranged diagonally in a lattice pattern.

Mid Century Turkmen Asmalyk - 1'5 x 2'6

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This Turkmen Asmalyk was handwoven in Central Asia during the middle of the 20th century by Yomud tribesmen. This distinctive type of weaving was traditionally used for Turkmen weddings. They normally come in pairs and are used as camel trappings as part of the bridal procession. 

This particular Asmalyk features soft aubergine and brighter peach tones, with blues and reds adding depth to the color palette. The design is composed of concentric serrated lozenges arranged diagonally in a lattice pattern. 

In good condition, signs of wear are consistent with age. The pile is low, with a soft handle.


Size: 1'5" x 2'6" [43cm x 76cm]

Age: Mid Century

Country of Origin: Central Asia

Type of Rug: Turkmen Asmalyk

Material: Wool

Pile Height: Low

Condition: Good




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